Garden Sheds in Corby

We deliver & install our sheds FREE to all areas of Corby:
Stanion – Weldon – Rockingham – Little Oakley – Caldecott – Great Oakley – Gretton – Cottingham – Geddington – Deene – Brigstock – Deenethorpe – Newton – Great Easton – Weekley

Our wooden sheds in Corby and the rest of the UK are amongst the very best in the country for more reasons than one. Every piece of wood that is used to build every shed in Corby is treated to withstand fungal attack and resist the aging effects of the bad weather that it is likely to be subjected to all winter. Enhanced protection is also available through tanalisation. Tanalised wooden sheds offer the maximum protection available from damp, rot and wood boring insects. They look better and last longer than untreated sheds and require minimal maintenance to look as good as new for years to come. Buy your bespoke new shed today and get the shed you really need.

New Garden Shed Range!

Beast Bar

Check out our new range of Beast bars, the perfect finishing touch for your garden this summer. Turn your very own garden into your own personal beer garden! Get in touch today for a bespoke quote ready to be delivered and installed in time to enjoy the summer sun!

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Garden Sheds For Sale!

Wooden Sheds for sale in Corby

The Northamptonshire borough of Corby is considered the fastest growing residential area in the whole of England, and many residents of the area have already chosen high quality heavy duty sheds by Shed sale for their garden storage needs and much more. Why not browse all of the options available and create your very own garden shed today? Our long lasting sheds are cost effective, and fast free delivery is available. Our sheds in Corby and the rest of the UK are the best available for the price, and better yet they are completely customisable.

We offer: Free Fitting* | Free delivery | Tanalised Floor | Security Hinges | Free Pad Bolt Ledge & Brace Door | Security sheds | Bike sheds | Storage sheds

We offer 3 Types of Cladding

• Dip Treated cladding.
• Tanalised 38 x 50 mm framework improves strength and rigidity throughout shed.
• Protected against mold and fungal damage.
• Economical option.

• 100% of wood tanalised (pressure treated + rot-resistant).
• Tanalised 38x50mm framework improves strength and rigidity throughout shed.
• Tanalised 16 mm (planed to 12 mm finish) specially designed rebated cladding.
• Ideal for general rot-resistant use & storage, where re-treatment may be difficult.
• 10 year anti – rot warranty


• Sturdy, maintenance free option!
• 100% of wood tanalised (pressure treated + rot-resistant).
• Tanalised 3″x2″ (planed) wood framework
• Tanalised 25mm (planed to 20mm finish) specially designed rebated shiplap cladding
• Ideal for heavy duty rot-resistant use & storage, workshops and offices!
• 10 year anti – rot warranty
• Security package Included